S H O P       P H I L O S O P H Y         C O N T A C T         T E R M S         H O M E



SVÆRT FINT is a social-economic company, which create sustainable garments for little ones. Age 0 to 8. The collections are Limited Editions- maximum 100 pieces per design. I draw only 2 spoiled collections per year.  

Every piece comes with a story, are numbered and signed by hand, packed with love and even kissed goodbye. The difference lies in the details, which you hopefully will see and feel. All this – simply because effort matters to me.                                                             

The essence in SVÆRT FINT is slow fashion, sustainability, careness and proper craft. SVÆRT FINT is the counterpart to mass production.  

I draw the designs and patterns by hand in Denmark. The little ones are sewn by local tailors in India with my presence. India is my second home – a country that challenge and captivates me infinite. 

The collections has a Nordic touch with reference to the North Sea. The force of nature, sense of lyme grass and salty wind- is to me indispensable. 


The calm and pale shades in the SVÆRT FINT collections are chosen as a counterpart to the daily fuss. A touch of unisex is a priority in order to avoid gender concreteness among future generations to come. 

In every possible process I make an effort to involve. To creates insight and transparency for you as a consumer. 

I am attentive to and humble in the matter of accommondate diversity from outside the world. SVÆRT FINT is nothing as a unit. 

My mission is to create less garments that lasts longer. To create everyday magic for your little ones. Create garments full of personality, realisme and honesty. In it’s simplicity be able to develop SVÆRT FINT to be known as a sustainable company full of heart, character and slow fashion.

Therefore every piece comes with a story.   

Thank you for the sincere interest which you show me. I appreciate.   

                        Nina Una Knudsen                      Mother of SVÆRT FINT

                       Nina Una Knudsen                     Mother of SVÆRT FINT

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